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May reduce wrinkles on face     May shrink pores     May increase elasticity, tighten skin        May create hydration       
May be used with PRP, HA, Vitamin C and more

The Medi-Inject is an automated digital syringe injector. It’s designed to balance injectable substances with equal distribution into the skin, using a 9 needle disposable tip.

Medi-Inject Video

In my opinion, the Medi-Inject will be a must-by for ALL practices offering injectable services.
Dr Scott Solyman
Lux Laser Med Spa


Type of Needles: 9 pin, 5 pin (for scalp)
Needle depth: 0.8mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm
Memory Channels: Yes
Features: Auto-sensing & manual
Repeat Cycles: Yes
Syringes: 3cc, 5cc, 10cc

The Medi-Inject utilizes “Hydro Lifting”

Vacuum absorbs the skin for better contact, and the materials are delivered through 9 needles.

Supplements which may be utilized:

Hyluronic Acid
Hyluronic Acid + PRP
Hyluronic Acid + PDRN
Vitamin C
And much more…

Why Aesthetic Providers invest in the Medi-Inject...


Most practices will apply topical numbing for skin rejuvenation treatments (CO2, Erbium, Microneedling RF, etc), which will require patients to wait 30-60 minutes prior to their treatment. With the Medi-Inject, the patient is completely numb within 15 minutes, as the provider will no longer require topical numbing, since the anesthetia is now injected utilizing, and will therefore be faster and more effective.

Reduction of Loss Material

Injectable material is manually injected which creates for random delivery of the material being injected, and significant loss of material over time. With the Medi-Inject, precise delivery quantities are calculated on each patient, which adds up to several thousand dollars in lost material over time.


A 9 needle syringe allows for the provider to treat a patient’s full face 9x as fast as a single syringe, and a lot more effective. Depending on the operator, this may account for treatment times to be cut by as much as 5-15 minutes per patient on full face injectable treatments.

Market Differentiator

Most patients are very particular when it comes to who they choose to be their injectable provider. They expect that provider to have the best knowledge, medicine/materials, and tools. The Medi-Inject is an absolute “must-have” tool for any injector, who wants to set themselves apart from their competitors.

Reduce Liability / Standardize Treatments

The Medi-Inject allows for precise calculations for every material that the operator may inject, as well as pre-set memory stations. For treatments which may be standardized (PRP, HA, Vit C, etc), the Medi-Inject reduces the likelihood for human-error while injecting any material.

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