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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
LCD display 8.4”TFT true color touch LCS
Wavelength 10.6µm, far-infrared laser
Pulsed radiofrequency 0.530 W
Basic information
Ultra pulse 1. Max power: 120 W
2. Pulse width: 200 to 500µs is optional
Pulse Average power: 1 – 30 W
Scan graphics Square, rectangle, round or customized graphics
Dot quantity 400 dots at most
Matrix mode
Working state Ultra-pulsed mode
Scan mode Sequence scan or Random scan
Scan pattern size 0.1 x 0.1 mm – 20 x 20 mm
Pulse energy 1 mJ to 100 mJ is optional for each dot
Pulse duration 0.1 – 2.6 ms adjustable
Spot distance 0.1 – 2.6 mm adjustable
Laser apparatus Sealed off laser device stimulated by direct current
Condenser focus f = 50 mm
Beam divergence angle 0.3 mrad
Technical specification
Spot size ≥ 0.2 mm at the focus
Radiation time / interval time 0.01 1 sec
Aiming beam Less than 2 mW, 635 Nm red semiconductor laser
Beam transport device Articulated arm with six segments and balance weight
N.W. 55 Kg. / 121 lbs.
Dimensions of device 53*57*138 cm
Voltage 230 V / 110 V


Applications List
Skin resurfacing, skin tightening, scar removal
Smooth out wrinkles and fine lines
Flatten worry and frown lines
Clear up sun damaged skin
Decrease appearance of acne scars
Shrinking the appearance of pores
Flatten traumatic scars
May lessen bags and circles under the eyes
Decrease jowls and improve angle of the jaw
Remove age/sun spots on the skin
Reshape, slightly enlarge and give firmness to lips

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is fractional?

“Fractionated” simply means that rather than delivering energy in a solid laser beam, the light is broken up (fractionated) into thousands of micro beams. The benefit of using this technology by MediCO is that it leaves much of skin tissue not being effected or damaged by the laser which leads to a much more patient comfort and fast recovery.

Fractional laser treatments can deliver very impressive results such as:

Firmer skin tone, diminished pigmentation and age spots, even improved acne scars with only a fragment of the downtime and much faster healing. The recovery process is easier and doesn’t require you to put your life on hold for a month or more.

What are the risks vs Erbium ablative CO2?

There are risks associated with ablative Erbium lasers, like hyperpigmentation, which are leading more dermatologists and plastic surgeons to prefer Fractional CO² which is: less intense, less invasive, more patient comfort, fast recovery, safety and short downtime. The MediCO CO² fractional laser is offering all of that.

The most Important issue to make a big deferent between Erbium invasive procedure and CO² Glass fractional technology, has to do with the downtime, the results, and the fast healing.

Some patients cannot tolerate a month or more of healing, goopy skin, oozing, so they are not candidates for Erbium Invasive, as well as the healing and risk of hyper or hypo pigmentation is greater with Erbium because more tissue is removed.

The MediCO CO² Fractional laser have less downtime, less skin removed, less issues with post care, and less post treatments complications. It is true that more sessions are needed to reach the expected result, but procedures are usually performing more patients comfort, safety and high quality results performance.

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