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ThermaVein – Vessel on Nose

ThermaVein - Eyelids

Before/After Therma Vein Results

ThermaVein – The Technique

What is ThermaVein

  • ThermaVein is a clinically proven treatment for Thread Veins medically known as telangiectasia and also known as Spider Veins
  • ThermaVein can also treat a wide range of conditions including Vascular Blemishes, Skin tags, Cherry Angioma’s, Milia & more.
  • ThermaVein offers safe, instant and effective results
  • ThermaVein is robust, easily portable and quick to set up
  • ThermaVein uses thermocoagulation which, unlike IPL and laser, seals the veins but does not affect the blood. This makes ThermaVein a gentle, accurate, safe and permanent treatment
  • ThermaVein is cost effective. Revenue for clinics, results for patients.

ThermaVein – The technical bit

  • ThermaVein uses thermocoagulation technology that delivers a very low current (4MHz) for under 0.2s at a time. ThermaVein does not coagulate the blood like other treatments but instead seals the vein walls thus helping to minimise the risk of matting, hyper / hypopigmentation, staining and scarring
  • When compared with laser or IPL treatments, ThermaVein offers a very safe, instant and accurate treatment. ThermaVein uses a 0.75mm insulated probe which is about the width of a human hair thus minimising trauma to surrounding tissue and only targeting the vein wall
  • ThermaVein offers the perfect combination treatment to sclerotherapy on lower limbs, allowing the user to minimise telangiectatic matting and deliver superior results faster. Also allowing clinics to successfully treat veins too small to be treated with microsclerotherapy.
  • ThermaVein can also be used in combination with IPL and laser, easily targeting and treating the thread veins that laser and IPL may struggle with.
  • ThermaVein uses a low 4Mhz current & insulated probe, so small it is less than the width of a human hair, meaning minimal trauma to the surrounding area, without the risk of scarring.
  • The simple difference between Thermavein and other vein treatments is that ThermaVein does not treat the blood, and therefore eliminates the common side effects associated with other treatments: such as matting, staining, hyper/hypopigmentation
  • Instant results, Plug and Play, 3 simple connections and no programming
  • Low risk, desktop sized, easily stored and cost effective to run
  • Default built in safety settings, minimal risk of over treatment or incorrect settings

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